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Feb 2013

If your tired of looking at that old, out-dated kitchen, let Kitchen Respray help you to completely remodel your kitchen cabinetry and countertop surfaces for pennies in the Euro!   Kitchen Respray is not a repainting service.  Kitchen resurfacing is not the same as painting your kitchen cabinets! We provide a long lasting and durable refacing of your kitchen surfaces in a variety of colors and finishes.  Our system will employ a strong factory quality finish that will last for years.  We even guarantee our products and services for up to 2 years, which adds Peace of Mind in your purchase.  With over 15 years in the business, no one is better able to handle your kitchen facelift needs than Kitchen Respray!

The technology that we utilize at Kitchen Respray is comprised of only the most eco-friendly products and solutions.    Many other companies will offer a slightly different version of this system, offering to replace the existing kitchen cabinet doors with a more inferior product, such as laminated wood board.  With Kitchen Respray, you get to keep the “bones” of your kitchen and simply give them an entirely new makeover with our line of high quality and environmentally friendly finishes.  And unlike those other painting companies, the Team from Kitchen Respray will provide you with a variety of beautiful options that will work best with your existing cabinetry.  


Don’t throw away those wonderful wood cabinets!  Why replace them with the less eco-friendly option of laminate when Kitchen Respray can simply refinish them instead, saving you time and money.  Our top-of-the line Respray Technology will enhance your kitchen by using only water-based, acid-catalyzed or hybrid solutions which add to the value of your home and cause no hard to the environment.  Our advance technology will take only a few days to complete and with very little disruption to your home and family.

We have helped many a homeowner create the kitchen of their dreams!  Perhaps your family is expanding or you recently received a job transfer.    You have searched high and low for that perfect home.  You have finally located a new home that is close to work and within your budget, but the kitchen is dingy and in need of repair.  Let Kitchen Refinish be part of your Move-In Package!    We’ll arrive early and completely refinish that out-of-date kitchen cabinetry and countertops to a refreshing and attractive new design…and we will complete the work prior to your move-in date!  We can even apply our safe and durable coatings to furniture as well.  We can match the finish of your kitchen table to the new factory-quality finish of your new kitchen.

Regardless of the color or wood grain of your existing kitchen cabinetry, the Team from Kitchen Respray is able to provide a variety of colors and styles to suit your individual taste.  Even if your current cabinets are of a darker wood color, we can use our advance recoating process to give them a lighter wood finish without replacing any of the existing cupboard doors.  Because we are not simply a repainting service, Kitchen Respray can turn that old-fashioned kitchen into a showplace that shows off your style and good taste.  Make Kitchen Respray your last stop for all of your Kitchen Resurfacing Needs!

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