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Mar 2013

Change Kitchen Appearance while Keeping the Style by Spray Painting Kitchens cabinets.

There seem to be quite a few homes built with comfortable kitchens. Designed perfectly, the family moves around without bumping into one another. Dishes fit perfectly into the cabinets. In fact, there is nothing to change about its style.

After several years, however, it is common for residents to consider changing countertops and cabinets. The shock of finding out how much a project like that costs is enough to put the idea to the side. One of the latest options is spray painting kitchens. The resulting beauty delivered by the smooth, strong spray finish suggests that it took much longer.

If you have a particular paint finish in mind, such as gloss or satin, it is available. The color options are amazing, including shades of cream, yellow and blue. Friendly to the environment, the waterborne respray system includes pigmented products and clear lacquers that are ideal for wood finishing.

The spray gun itself is designed for a firm grasp. It delivers a balanced spray to the items being retreated. The cabinets take 4 days or less to complete. You can save with kitchen respray because nothing is being replaced, just resprayed. See the kitchen resurfacing process here.

Get the Formica repaired at great savings or choose to have the countertops resurfaced. In 3 hours or less, they will look like new with a shiny, resurfaced eco-friendly finish. The result looks like flecked granite in colors like marble, midnight sky, white vein and field stone. Nonporous, they are easy to clean and will hold the finish for years.

The first step is calling us or sending us a photo and we can help you to decide on the finish and colors. Savings can be as much as 80 percent of the cost for replacing cabinets and counters. Wooden chairs and tables are other items in the home to treat with this process. You might save so much that they are included, as well

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Philip Mckinney owns and operates one of the largest and most successful kitchen respray companies in the industry. He essentially coined the term “kitchen Respray” when he purchased the domain in 2010. He has developed most of the “best practices” and industry standards in the Respray sector. Philip has written hundreds of articles on every aspect of the business and processes including the wider scope of the respray business in general like PVC respray, Bath respray, furniture respray, worktop respray, and repair.

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