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Sep 2013

Kitchen Spray Painting – Change The Way Your Kitchen Looks

If you do not like the way kitchen looks, then it is about time you gave a serious thought to replacing it or respraying it. Whether you plan to overhaul your kitchen or just respray, you need to make a big decision about what you plan to do with the kitchen cabinets. If you have functional cabinets, there is no reason why you should think of replacing them and we all know that almost 50% remodeling is taken up by new cabinets. Hence, if you have a modest budget, you can save substantial money by deciding to retain the functional cabinets and opting for kitchen spray painting.
Advantages of respraying your kitchen v replacing your kitchen
• It’s a known fact that most homeowners these days are looking to save their money by respraying their kitchen instead of replacing it. For the kitchen cabinets, they choose to refinish or repaint them and also the drawer fronts.
• If the cabinet doors are not too good, they just replace the doors or put new veneers. They change the drawer fronts too, if necessary.
• The interiors of the cabinets are painted, sanded or stained to give an entirely new look.
• Many supporters of respraying aver that this small makeover gives their kitchen a total new look and saves them lot of money instead of replacing the kitchen.
• Even a lay person would easily concur that respraying involves much less labor than replacing the kitchen.
• Respraying the kitchen does not call for relocation of kitchen belongings and routine work can continue in the kitchen even while the respraying is in progress.
When should you consider replacing your kitchen?
Even when sizeable money can be saved by kitchen spray painting instead of replacing it, respraying may not always be a profound idea. If your kitchen cabinets and worktop are not of good quality and are not likely to last long, it makes sense to go for new ones. It would not be prudent to throw your good money to reface items that have lost their utility value. Hence, make sure how good your kitchen fixtures are before taking up the task of kitchen spray painting.
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