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Aug 2014

A Simple and Effective Way to Transform Your Kitchen

In my opinion, a living room deserves attention ahead of any other part of a home.

Every part of a home is important and calls for regular maintenance. However, the kitchen should be accorded top priority because the good health of the family depends largely on the way the kitchen is maintained. So when you redo your home, your primary focus should be your kitchen.

How often should I redo my kitchen?

 That’s an excellent question. There is no set frequency for revamping your kitchen. It could be three years, five years or more depending on how well it is kept. The moment you find that your kitchen looks dull and unimpressive with various fixtures needing repair and repainting, it’s time to redo your kitchen. No homemaker would like to stay longer than necessary in an unsightly kitchen.

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My friends and relatives speak in terms of thousands of Euros to redo a kitchen. Do I need to spend that much money?

You do not have to. Your friends and relatives are perhaps talking of replacement cost and not respraying cost. When you respray your kitchen, you can expect to spend approximately one fifth or one fourth of the replacement cost. If most of your kitchen fixtures are in excellent working condition and need only minor repairs, it would not be wise to replace them and incur a huge expense. When you attend to the minor complaints and repaint the existing fixtures, you kitchen will seem new again.

Please suggest a company that can do a good job of resurfacing my kitchen?

Kitchen  enjoys the reputation of being the number one company in Ireland in this field. Fifteen years of experience have not diminished the passion and zeal for our work. We have committed and trained experts who will do a commendable job of respraying your kitchen. When they work, you may continue with your daily activities in your kitchen unhindered. The task will be completed in just 3-5 days in an orderly manner and a sparkling, new kitchen is all yours! Kitchen Respray is a trading name of www.All Surface Respray .com

Do you excel only in kitchen resurfacing work?

Other than kitchen respray, we also carry out furniture painting, bath respray and leather restoration works. Our technicians have been extensively trained to carry out all surface respray work. We adhere to globally prescribed standards and use high quality products that are environment-friendly. Please call us at 0862456456 for an appointment and we would be too glad to answer your queries.

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Philip Mckinney owns and operates one of the largest and most successful kitchen respray companies in the industry. He essentially coined the term “kitchen Respray” when he purchased the domain in 2010. He has developed most of the “best practices” and industry standards in the Respray sector. Philip has written hundreds of articles on every aspect of the business and processes including the wider scope of the respray business in general like PVC respray, Bath respray, furniture respray, worktop respray, and repair.

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