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Apr 2015

Modern and Affordable Kitchen Design? Yes, It’s Possible

The kitchen is the most functional part of the house and as such, it needs an occasional upgrade. The problem with kitchen modifications is that they tend to be quite expensive. If you go for thorough replacement of furniture and cabinets, you’ll need to dedicate a large amount to making the change happen.

Kitchen respray to skimming stone

Kitchen respray to skimming stone

If you do a bit of research, however, you’ll come across options that will make it much easier and less costly to modify your kitchen. One of the options to take a look at is called kitchen respray.

What is It?
Professional kitchen respray services can be used to transform the cabinets and the furniture in your kitchen. If necessary, the wooden pieces get sanded and repaired. A coat of paint is applied to these surfaces using air spraying equipment.

Spray painting is a contact-free type of application. As a result, it doesn’t leave the streaks so typical for the use of paint brushes. The finish is beautiful and smooth. Apart from having a spectacular appearance, this finish decreases the likelihood of having the paint cracking or peeling.

Benefits of Kitchen Respray
A kitchen respray project is much more affordable than the purchase of new cabinets. Old cabinets are usually in good condition, they need a slight “facelift” in order to look beautiful once again. Throwing away perfectly good pieces and buying new ones is wasteful and expensive.

The application of a coat of paint can help you transform the kitchen completely. Light colors are perfect for opening up small kitchens and making them appear more spacious. In addition, the paint will give the kitchen a bit of brightness and increase its modern appeal.

Finally, a kitchen respray project can be completed quickly. Professionals will need just a few days to prep the cabinets and to have those spray painted. If you need to modify your kitchen within a limited time period, professional spray painting is the perfect option for you.

Are you ready to upgrade your kitchen on a budget? We’re ready to help you. Give us a call today to discuss the specifics of your project and to have all of your questions about kitchen respraying answered.

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