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May 2017

Colour your kitchen with Kitchen Respray

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Colour your kitchen with Kitchen Respray

Have you ever walked into a pale looking kitchen only to leave feeling worn out and tired? Well, the colours are to blame for what you suddenly feel. Colours have a way of generating feelings that will touch your mood. Even if your kitchen is old, it doesn’t have to feel that way. Instead, refurbish it and add more colour we say Kitchen Respray

Kitchen Respray sage_green

Kitchen Respray sage_green

Don’t waste money by replacing old furniture and cabinets at home. Instead of replacing it, respray and change the colour to transform your kitchen. Restore old furniture and transform it to match your theme to set the mood in your kitchen. Use colours to play with your kitchen and create your desired atmosphere. A touch of colour in your kitchen can do wonders to set the mood in your kitchen.

Here are a few examples of colours you can use to trick the eye:

1. Classic Black & white:

Using this theme to colour your kitchen provides a classic look to any kitchen. This fail-proof colour scheme is almost good to go with any type of kitchen. The colours make it easy on the eyes to look at, making one easily comfortable because of this theme.

3. Woody Colours.

Painting the cabinets with green colours is perfect when matched with wood panelled ceilings to create that rustic homey feeling. Matching green with the natural brown colours of wood creates a kitchen transformation that’s perfect for the forest loving type of person. Using these colours creates a natural effect that brings the heart so much closer to nature.

3. Elegant White

Using this colour to paint cabinets makes any kitchen feel cleaner, brighter and lighter. When using this colour, make sure to add contrast to balance the look of the kitchen. The pristine white exudes elegance that relaxes anyone who comes into the room.

4. Sunny Yellow.

You can’t be gloomy by painting your kitchen yellow. The colour yellow is the epitome of everything sunny and bright. Any kitchen will instantly look bright and cheerful when this becomes the main colour of the kitchen. This colour creates the perfect welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

5. Sleek Metallic

Colour your cabinets with this classic silver or gray paint to create a sleek and professional vibe to your kitchen. This colour is a perfect match with stainless steel appliances and countertops. If you’re looking for a classic industrial look in your kitchen, this colour scheme is best to use in your kitchen.


Painting your kitchen with the right colours is crucial in order to set the right mood and environment for your kitchen. Simply determine the colour scheme that you want for your kitchen and have it repainted by the experts here at KitchenRespray.com and we’ll make your dream kitchen transformation a reality for you!


Apr 2017

Painting Furniture

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Painting Furniture can Transform your Home’s Interior Design

Transform your home’s interior design in no time simply by painting furniture. Experience the refreshing feeling of having a new home complete with new sets of furniture – all made possible by respraying from Kitchen Respray

Did you know? Painting furniture can transform any home’s interior design in the same way as having a major renovation. Having a change in the colour could either make or break the look of any room. Painting furniture can change any room in an instant. It can make any guest feel passionate, comfortable, happy or relaxed as soon as they enter the room. This is because the colours we see have a way eliciting emotions from us, depending on what emotion that colour represents.

Painted chest of drawers

Painted chest of drawers

So if you want to make a change in any room as drastic as having a major renovation without breaking your budget, painting furniture is the best and most efficient solution for you.

Here are some reasons on how color painting furniture can transform any room in an instant:

  • Hides the wear and tear. One of the best reasons respraying can do wonders for any furniture is that it is able to hide the signs of any furniture’s wear and tear. No matter what condition your furniture may be in, there is nothing that colours won’t be able to conceal. The great thing about colours is that they have the ability to trick the eyes. When used properly, colours can be any man’s best friend.
  • Adds color, creates contrast. A beautiful transformation is one that mixes and matches colours in perfect harmony. Painting furniture adds more depth and contrast to any room by adding colours that create contrast to other colors present in the room. This increases the visual interest in any room, as colours are known to brighten up any room.
  • Refreshes the overall look of the room. Changing colour brings about change to any room. The feeling of stepping into an entirely different room is one that’s refreshing and exciting. Changing the theme colour of your furniture is like changing your home’s interior design entirely. This alone is enough reason to have your furniture repainted.




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Mar 2017

Furniture Respraying and Kitchen Respray for an Easy Makeover

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Furniture Respraying and Kitchen Respray for an Easy Makeover
The easiest option to give your home a makeover is called furniture respraying.

The older wooden pieces will be air sprayed and covered with a fine layer of paint. This procedure will change the original colour and the texture of wooden furniture. Getting your furniture resprayed is a lot more affordable than the purchase of new items.

Furniture Respray

Furniture Respray

Give Your Home a Makeover – It can be Cheap!

What’s the easiest way to give your home a makeover? If you’re thinking about the purchase of new furniture, you’re partially right. A few new pieces can immediately transform the room and give it a trendier appearance. Did you know, however, that your old furniture can do the same?

Most furniture is designed to last a very long time. The wood may get a bit darker and the fabric will become dated with the passage of time. Furniture restoration is an ideal procedure for upgrading the older pieces and extending their lifespan even further.

Home Transformation Options
By opting for furniture respraying, you can complete an amazing range of transformation projects.

Making the standard pieces white will make all of the rooms appear bigger and cleaner. White is a minimalist colour that’s particularly trendy right now. It will brighten up the living room that was previously made gloomier by the old wood.

Alternatively, you can choose brighter colours to create vibrancy and a cosy feeling in your home. Sky is the limit with furniture respraying. The new colour and the smoother texture of the air sprayed paint will make old furniture look streamlined and modern. Whether you’d like to make your home sophisticated or rustic, you’ll get to pick the right tone for the transformation.

Choose the Right Experts for the Job
Old furniture can be saved, especially if you own heirloom pieces that have been in your family for generations. You’ll simply need to find the right professionals for the job.

The experience of the furniture respraying team and the quality of the paint that’s being used will both be important. Companies like All Surface Respray, for example, have been on the market for more than 15 years. We work with the best products and give our customers the necessary quality guarantees.

Would you like to carry out a home makeover without breaking the bank? Or maybe you have some questions about furniture respraying? Give us a call today to learn more about the process and to book your appointment with the Kitchen Respray experts.

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