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May 2017

Colour your kitchen with Kitchen Respray

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Colour your kitchen with Kitchen Respray

Have you ever walked into a pale looking kitchen only to leave feeling worn out and tired? Well, the colours are to blame for what you suddenly feel. Colours have a way of generating feelings that will touch your mood. Even if your kitchen is old, it doesn’t have to feel that way. Instead, refurbish it and add more colour we say Kitchen Respray

Kitchen Respray sage_green

Kitchen Respray sage_green

Don’t waste money by replacing old furniture and cabinets at home. Instead of replacing it, respray and change the colour to transform your kitchen. Restore old furniture and transform it to match your theme to set the mood in your kitchen. Use colours to play with your kitchen and create your desired atmosphere. A touch of colour in your kitchen can do wonders to set the mood in your kitchen.

Here are a few examples of colours you can use to trick the eye:

1. Classic Black & white:

Using this theme to colour your kitchen provides a classic look to any kitchen. This fail-proof colour scheme is almost good to go with any type of kitchen. The colours make it easy on the eyes to look at, making one easily comfortable because of this theme.

3. Woody Colours.

Painting the cabinets with green colours is perfect when matched with wood panelled ceilings to create that rustic homey feeling. Matching green with the natural brown colours of wood creates a kitchen transformation that’s perfect for the forest loving type of person. Using these colours creates a natural effect that brings the heart so much closer to nature.

3. Elegant White

Using this colour to paint cabinets makes any kitchen feel cleaner, brighter and lighter. When using this colour, make sure to add contrast to balance the look of the kitchen. The pristine white exudes elegance that relaxes anyone who comes into the room.

4. Sunny Yellow.

You can’t be gloomy by painting your kitchen yellow. The colour yellow is the epitome of everything sunny and bright. Any kitchen will instantly look bright and cheerful when this becomes the main colour of the kitchen. This colour creates the perfect welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

5. Sleek Metallic

Colour your cabinets with this classic silver or gray paint to create a sleek and professional vibe to your kitchen. This colour is a perfect match with stainless steel appliances and countertops. If you’re looking for a classic industrial look in your kitchen, this colour scheme is best to use in your kitchen.


Painting your kitchen with the right colours is crucial in order to set the right mood and environment for your kitchen. Simply determine the colour scheme that you want for your kitchen and have it repainted by the experts here at KitchenRespray.com and we’ll make your dream kitchen transformation a reality for you!


Oct 2016

Kitchen Respray Project Makes Sense

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 Kitchen Respray Project Makes Sense
If you opt for respraying, you’ll use the furniture that’s already installed in your kitchen. Its appearance will be changed to improve the interior design and to get rid of the signs of aging.



Respraying refers to the application of a coat of paint on the surface. The air spraying allows for the application to be fine and even. It creates a beautiful finish and there are dozens of colours to choose among. Thus, by simply changing the colour and the texture of the cabinets, you’ll be transforming the appearance of the entire kitchen.

Apart from being an environment-friendly process, kitchen respraying is also cost-efficient. Getting the kitchen resprayed will cost you only 25 per cent of the amount you’ll have to invest in the purchase of new furniture. This way, you’ll be doing something beneficial for the environment and you’ll be enjoying affordable home renovations at the same time.

To get the most of a kitchen respray project, it’s important to choose the right professionals for the job. The quality of the paint and the finish will both be dependent on experience and the technology used. We’ve been in the business for multiple years and we’ve worked with dozens of clients. Our emphasis on quality and the personalised approach turn us into Ireland’s kitchen respraying leader.


Apr 2015

FAQ about having Your Kitchen Resprayed

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FAQ about having Your Kitchen Resprayed

Are you considering the respray renovation of your kitchen cabinets? If so, you probably have a number of questions about the procedure. We’ve tried to provide the answers to some of the most common kitchen respray questions in this article.

Kitchen and countertop respray

Kitchen and countertop respray

Is It Suitable for All Kinds of Cabinets?
Professionals like the All Surface Respray team can work with a kitchen cabinet that comes in any colour and finish. In addition, the paint can be sprayed on different materials (ranging from wood to PVC). The cabinets will be prepared for painting, making it possible for the outcome to look flawless and to last for a long period of time.

Can the Cabinets be Resprayed in Any Colour?
You have the freedom of choosing the particular colour that you want for your kitchen respray project. Thus, having the cabinets spray painted is a wonderful possibility for transforming the entire kitchen. A change in colour, accompanied by the beautiful finish that is typical for spray painting, will result in an incredible kitchen makeover.

How Expensive is It?
A kitchen respray project is one of the most affordable possibilities for transforming the kitchen without spending a lot of money on it. Using the services of professionals like All Surface Respray will cost you approximately 25 percent of the price of a kitchen replacement.

How Long does It Take to Complete the Project?
Having your cabinets resprayed is one of the quickest possibilities for transforming your kitchen. Depending on the size of the kitchen and the condition of the cabinets, the completion of the project will require anywhere between three and four days. There will be no mess and no additional work when the professionals are done with respraying the kitchen furniture.

Can’t I Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets on My Own?
Keep in mind that the paint you’ll find in a store is very different from the professional materials that respray experts use. The products that All Surface Respray teams work with are very durable and long-lived. In addition, the professional application of the paint creates a beautiful finish that increases its longevity even further.

Do you have additional questions about respraying or resurfacing your kitchen cabinets? Contact us today and we’ll be glad to help you.

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