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Mar 2015

What is Kitchen Respray?

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Modernise Your Kitchen, have It Resprayed!

The beautiful kitchen that you upgraded and modernised several years ago seems to have lost some of its appeal. Should you renovate once again or is there a viable alternative?

It’s possible to modernise your kitchen on a limited budget. A kitchen respray project is easy to execute, the results will be outstanding and they will maintain the beautiful appearance for years to come. Here’s everything that you need to know about the possibility.

What is Kitchen Respray?
Kitchen /  furniture respray is a fast and efficient process that gets the surfaces in your kitchen to look brand new. A fresh coat of paint is air-sprayed on cabinets, shelves and other wooden surfaces that you want to freshen up.

The procedure creates an incredibly smooth finish and it instantly brightens up the old wood. Something as basic, as a coat of paint can transform the kitchen, allow more light in and give it a much more sophisticated appearance.

Kitchen Respray Dublin

Kitchen Respray Dublin

Numerous Benefits
Opting for professional kitchen respraying will enable you to enjoy a vast range of benefits. For a start, the paint used by professionals like the experts working for All Surface Respray is different from the one you’ll use in a DIY project.

The paint is much more durable and long-lived. In addition, the application itself contributes to the longevity of the execution. Spray painting doesn’t produce the same rough finish that is typical for the use of a brush. The smooth finish will prevent the paint from peeling and cracking, which means that your cabinets will remain in top condition for many years to come.

About Us
Kitchen Respray is part of All Surface Respray, a company that has been on the Irish market for more than 15 years and that holds the leadership position in the multi surface restoration industry. All Surface Respray offers renovation services for your bathroom, leather upholstery, countertops, PVC window frames and furniture.

We are committed to giving our clients quality at an affordable price. This philosophy has determined our popularity and enabled the company to maintain its leadership position for a decade and a half.

Are you considering kitchen respray as an opportunity to modernise your kitchen? Do you have questions about it? Give us a call today to get started and to explore the benefits.

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Nov 2014

Kitchen Respray

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The Benefits of Getting Your Kitchen Resprayed

If you dread the expensive and time-consuming process of replacing the surfaces in your kitchen, there’s a good alternative to the costly and time-consuming replacement. Having the kitchen resprayed will enable you to enjoy a wide range of practical and aesthetic benefits.

Cost-Efficient Kitchen Upgrade Solution

If you choose to respray the surfaces in your kitchen, you can save up to 80 percent of the cost of replacement. Using the services of a reputable company like Kitchen Respray is a win-win situation because of the quality of the results and the amount you’ll need to pay.

Quick Kitchen Respray

Having the wooden cabinets resprayed will require no more than three to four days.

Your kitchen will be unusable for only one day. That’s the day when the Kitchen Respray team will cover the areas that do not need to be painted. Once the paint dries completely, you’ll be free to start using your kitchen once again.

High Quality of Kitchen Respray Service

When kitchen respraying is executed by professionals, you’ll experience a high level of satisfaction with the outcome. Professionals in the field pay attention to details and make sure that the coating is uniform.

Professionals will take the time to examine the condition of your kitchen, to prepare the wooden surfaces for spraying and to assess the outcome of the procedure. All of these steps will play a vitally important role in guaranteeing an impeccable outcome.

It’s a good idea to opt for reputable and experienced professionals like the All Surface Respray team. All Surface Respray is one of Ireland’s leaders in the field and because of the reputation, the professionals hired by the company can guarantee the quality of the outcome.

Quality of the Paint

Paint used by kitchen respraying professionals is of exceptionally high quality. You’ll enjoy the results of the procedure for many years to come.

Spray paint is incredibly durable and the application process itself guarantees the evenness and uniformity of the coating. There’s a wide range of colors to choose among depending on your interior design preferences.

A Complete New Look

Getting the wooden surfaces in the kitchen resprayed provides a wonderful opportunity to transform the design of this room.

A kitchen respray can contribute to a complete transformation and modernization of your kitchen. White surfaces will make it look bigger and brighter. The color is perfect for the house owners that want to introduce a minimalist style.

Going for a warmer or a brighter color will enable you to accomplish an entirely different goal in terms of home décor and design. Kitchen respray is the best opportunity to accomplish that transformation without spending an enormous amount on the process.


Oct 2014

Have you ever considered a kitchen respray?

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Make Your Kitchen Appear Larger with a Kitchen Respray


You’ve decided to change up your kitchen again.  Every couple of years you want to add more pizzazz and flair to your home, and this year you’ve decided to renovate the kitchen.  It is the place where everyone in the home congregates before work or after school.  However, it has become a dark and dismal space.

Lusk Kitchen Respray

Lusk Kitchen Respray


You’ve even thought about hiring a designer to come in and give you some tips on how to make your kitchen a more inviting space.  But do you really have to tear out the old cabinets and put in new ones?  You would like to replace the door fronts with glass so that it opens up the area.  However, you don’t think that tearing out the bottom cabinets is really necessary.  Is there a way to update your kitchen and make it beautiful without demolishing your whole kitchen? 


Have you ever considered a kitchen respray?  This is a cheap way to get the look that you want by using your existing cabinets.  There is no need to spend extra money on new ones.  Use the ones that you already have if they are still in good condition.  A kitchen respray will allow you to spray paint the cabinets a new color and finish.


Hire a respray company such as All Surface Respray to handle this project for you.  The company has been in the business of providing kitchen respray services for over 15 years.  This company is heads above the competition because it uses quality paint products that give your kitchen cabinets a clean, beautiful, smooth and new finish.  Your kitchen gets a new updated look, but you won’t have to dish out a lot of cash. 


A kitchen respray is a great way to update your galley kitchen and make it look larger and clean.  All Surface Respray can give your cabinets a fresh new coat of white paint.  This will update your kitchen and make it appear much bigger than what it really is.  You get a renovated kitchen, but at a much cheaper cost.  For more information about resurfacing your kitchen cabinets, please visit www.allsurfacerespray.com.