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Dec 2013

Kitchen Resurfacing At An affordable Price

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Kitchen Resurfacing At An affordable Price

A kitchen is one of the most important parts of any home. If your kitchen does not look good and user-friendly, you will not to spend more time there than absolutely necessary. On the contrary, if you love the way your kitchen looks, you will want to think of some excuses to spend longer time trying out new recipes and dishes!

After a few years, it is but natural to feel that your kitchen needs a facelift. In order to render a changed look, you might even think of replacing the countertop, wooden cabinets, knobs and handles. Going for a total replacement will cost a fortune and take up a lot of time, necessitating staying out of your kitchen till the time it is ready for use. See how we resurface kitchens

Strictly speaking, your kitchen countertop and cabinets might be in good condition and you might just be tired of seeing the same shade  that looks jaded due to constant use day after day. The answer lies in resurfacing or respraying your kitchen with latest and good quality respraying material with the colour and material of your choice that will make your kitchen appear as good as new, saving you almost 80% of the replacement cost in the bargain!

One point needs to be noted here, though. When you want to resurface your kitchen, you will come across many companies offering to do a good job at surprisingly low cost. You might have already known from experience that a cheap quote will undoubtedly make use of cheap materials that will neither last long nor seem impressive. Work will also be shoddy, calling for frequent repair and more expense in the near future.

All the above issues can be addressed without any problem if your hire the services of www.respraymykitchen.com. We are a fully Irish owned Dublin based company and have been in the business of kitchen resurfacing for not less than 15 years, with profound experience and knowledge of our customers needs, likes and dislikes. Trust us to do a neat job of your kitchen resurfacing  along with repairing chipped and damaged parts and give it an entirely new look. Our products and services come with a guarantee of five years, a stamp of our quality work!

We also do kitchen countertops. We can resurface you kitchen countertop a about half the cost of replacing.

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May 2013

Spray painting V handpainting

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Spray Painting vs. Hand painting your Kitchen

Time waits for no man, and if you have been living in your home for any length of time then there is a good chance that your kitchen is looking like it has either been stuck in a time warp, or else is looking a little sad and downbeat with a drab colour scheme.

In order to fix this sad state of affairs you may be considering handpainting the cabinets.

While that is definitely an option it is probably not the best one, because in practice getting a kitchen spray painted by the professionals not only costs a similar amount (once you have factored in your material and labour costs), but it also ends up producing a far better, more satisfying result.

Let’s compare the two options: Kitchen resurfacing V Hand painting

Hand painting

* You have to buy all the materials yourself.

* One flick of the paintbrush and you could ruin the look of the units.

* Labour intensive.

* Work is not guaranteed.

* If something goes wrong, you are left with the results.

* Normal paint so not very durable and will probably peel in a short amount of time.

*Finish is likely to be bumpy because it is handpainted and so harder to keep clean.

Spray Painting

*Materials are included in the cost.

*Work is carried out by professionals.

*Someone else is doing the work and much more quickly then you could yourself.

*Work is guaranteed.

*Special paint is used that has extra durability and so will last for years.

*Finish is super smooth and so easy to keep clean.

It is clear from this comparison that if you carry out kitchen resurfacing work that a kitchen respray is the superior option over handpainting your kitchen.

One great company that offers all the benefits of spray painting your kitchen and who has over 15 years of experience in the business is KitchenRespray.com. They are a 100% Irish Owned Company that is so confident they can offer you a better product that all of their work is guaranteed for 5 years.

Check out KitchenRespray.com and see what they have to offer! Call Philip at 0862456456 or email us and send a photo if you want a fast quote get a kitchen respray quote here


Mar 2013

Painting kitchen cabinets

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Change Kitchen Appearance while Keeping the Style by Spray Painting Kitchens cabinets.

There seem to be quite a few homes built with comfortable kitchens. Designed perfectly, the family moves around without bumping into one another. Dishes fit perfectly into the cabinets. In fact, there is nothing to change about its style.

After several years, however, it is common for residents to consider changing countertops and cabinets. The shock of finding out how much a project like that costs is enough to put the idea to the side. One of the latest options is spray painting kitchens. The resulting beauty delivered by the smooth, strong spray finish suggests that it took much longer.

If you have a particular paint finish in mind, such as gloss or satin, it is available. The color options are amazing, including shades of cream, yellow and blue. Friendly to the environment, the waterborne respray system includes pigmented products and clear lacquers that are ideal for wood finishing.

The spray gun itself is designed for a firm grasp. It delivers a balanced spray to the items being retreated. The cabinets take 4 days or less to complete. You can save with kitchen respray because nothing is being replaced, just resprayed. See the kitchen resurfacing process here.

Get the Formica repaired at great savings or choose to have the countertops resurfaced. In 3 hours or less, they will look like new with a shiny, resurfaced eco-friendly finish. The result looks like flecked granite in colors like marble, midnight sky, white vein and field stone. Nonporous, they are easy to clean and will hold the finish for years.

The first step is calling us or sending us a photo and we can help you to decide on the finish and colors. Savings can be as much as 80 percent of the cost for replacing cabinets and counters. Wooden chairs and tables are other items in the home to treat with this process. You might save so much that they are included, as well

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