How do we respray


Respraying Solid Wood

Solid Wood Kitchens

Most kitchen interior carcasses are melamine and the iron on wood strip gets resprayed. Generally most kitchens have a melamine interior. From time to time we come across a full solid wood carcass. This is no problem as we respray the front and internal facings which give the kitchen a nice contrast and is only visible when the door is open.

As you can see in the photo, the actual base and sides were not resprayed. Of corse we could do it if you particularly wanted it done, however we do not recommend it

Kitchen Respray How it works

Step 1

STEP 1 …Day 1

We mark and remove the doors. We bnng them to our workshop where they are degreased and prepared for spraying. Before we spray we test each door for contamination. The door preparation is the most important part of the job.

Although the customer may never see the preparation that goes into each door, the longevity of the workmanship is all in the prep. Be aware of companies that quote 10 good to be true’ prices the short cuts are usually in the preperation which only manafests itself weeks after the job is done.

Step 2

STEP 2 …Day 2

The areas that do not need to be resprayed get masked off and the preparabon continues. The masking can be slow but worth it. Generally it will take one or two of us a day to mask a complete kitchen.

This is the only full day your kitchen will be out of action. There are no harmful chemicals used so it is completely save for kids and pets to be around. If there are time constraints we can mask the kitchen and spray the carcass in the same day meaning you can use your kitchen that evening.

Step 3

STEP 3 …Day 3

After the carcass has been prepared and masked we are ready to spray. Most kitchens only take a few hours to complete and the product dries super fast. After we have sprayed the carcass we then take down all the paper and we are ready to start fitting the doors back If you have bought new handles we can fit the new handles when we are re fitting the doors.

By the end of the day you have a completely new looking kitchen. We double check for any little snags or thinks and then you are good to go!

Things to know about Respraying your Kitchen

Check out our video showing a quick look at respraying the carcass of a kitchen in a private house. This carcass only took about 2 hours to respray. We use dust and fume extractors to minimise any smells Generally, after two hours most of the smell is gone and your kitchen is ready for use that evening.