Kitchen respraying is an excellent way to achieve a significant kitchen transformation in a short amount of time. By respraying your old kitchen, you can give it a new look and feel without going through the hassle and expense of a complete renovation.

The process is simple and can be completed in as little as four days. On the first day, we will prepare your kitchen for respraying by sanding down all the surfaces and removing any hardware or fixtures that could get in the way.

Once everything is prepped, we will begin spraying the surfaces with high-quality paint that will give your kitchen a new lease on life. The entire process will take just four days from start to finish, and you’ll be left with a brand-new kitchen that you’ll love for years to come.

Kitchen Transformation

Day 1-2:

At, we pride ourselves on paying close attention to the little things. Our top goal is to prepare the doors before thoroughly repainting the kitchen. While other businesses might covertly omit this step totally, it is the most crucial step of a repainting operation. Our team has been trained to carry out the essential preparations to achieve your desired kitchen transformation to the highest possible standards. All doors must be removed to get the ideal clean and polished appearance. Once the doors have been gathered, we take the necessary steps to prepare them for spraying by cleaning and priming them. This could take up to two hours, depending on the size of your kitchen.

Day 3:

The remaining kitchen furniture will be sanded by the third day to prepare the kitchen for repainting. The masking technique is also carried out to protect some kitchen areas from spraying. The kitchen will be used after the masking starts once the respraying is finished, which takes only around 24 hours.

Day 4:

The unmasking technique is the next stage after the kitchen has been entirely resprayed. The doors will then be installed exactly where they belong. We go above and above to ensure that the doors fit correctly and, if necessary, even supply new handles. You may be confident that the paint we use for repainting is of the highest caliber and is manufactured for the kitchen resurfacing business. With this, you can be sure that your furniture will have a smooth, incredibly durable finish that is ideal for withstanding routine cleaning and upkeep.

With the help of, customise your kitchen experience entirely and observe the difference after four days.

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